Teal and brown bedding

Teal and Brown Bedding Sets – Two Colors That Are A Perfect Pair For Bed

Bedding in shades of brown and turquoise are fast becoming favorites of many people who are looking for a color that is both rich and exciting. In fact, teal and brown bedding continue to fly off the shelves. If you do some online searches, you will find many different companies offering this luxurious bedding in a wide array of lovely patterns. Whether you are looking for something traditional, or you are trying something new, there is a bedding set that will meet your needs.


When you think of teal and brown, the first colors that probably pop into your mind are those of beaches and tropical climates. You may even have visions of lounging on the beach with a big hammock and a bottle of sunscreen. That image is one of the reasons these two colors have become such a favorite. You can easily create a tropical feel in your bedroom by using warm earth tones, such as creams and honey colors, along with bright yellows and pinks.

You may want to add a little mystery to your bedroom with a few accents. One idea is to match your bedding set to your bathroom’s decor, so that your new bedding set is a perfect fit. You can make your own tropical island vibe by mixing and matching your new bedding with your beautiful towels, curtains, and bathmat. Another easy way to add a little mystery to your room is to find some old-time French decor and incorporate a few French accessories, such as a little teal and brown comforter, an intricate vase spray bottle, and a brown glass flower pot. You can even go a step further and buy an authentic antique turquoise necklace to add to your gorgeous brown bedroom.

Teal and brown bedding look amazing when it is paired with cool, blue or green prints. You can do this in a few different ways. One way is to use browns, blues, and greens to contrast your current bedding, which can be quite bold and loud. You can also pull the tone together by layering two different tones of brown onto a piece of white bed linen. Another fun way to incorporate this print is to find an aged, peeling piece of brown paper and covering one side of it in a turquoise blue floral print.

Turquoise and brown are both considered to be vibrant hues, so using them in your color scheme will add flair and energy to any bedroom. If you want your bedroom to feel like a bright, sunny oasis, then using orange and yellow bedding would be a great choice. You can bring this orange and yellow look into your bedroom by using a deep orange accent wall hanging or by adding a few pillows with a deep yellow or turquoise pattern on them. You can also add a few throw pillows with a deep green or blue print on them for a more relaxing, turquoise-y effect. If you don’t have to throw pillows, you can always use a decorative rug as a way to combine the two colors. Using a solid turquoise rug on one wall and a deep brown throw on another wall will bring both the colors together and make the room feel like an oasis.

If you want your bedroom to have a calming effect, consider going with a soft, pastel tone of blue or green. This combination is called “sea” and “water” bedding, which give your room a soothing, almost ethereal quality. For a more modern look, you might choose a turquoise and brown set. A solid aqua blue or turquoise throw on a solid brown bed linen piece would be a stunning contrast, as would a few blue pillows on a brown comforter. This set would look amazing in a master or guest bedroom.

Of course, if you are a true team fan, you are unlikely to be lacking in other accessories. There are plenty of beautiful teal and brown bedding sets available that will not only make your room come to life, but add some gorgeous accents to any space. Use accent rugs to accent a unique accent wall in your bedroom, and use teal and brown accent pillows on your sofa or love seat to combine brown and turquoise together.

Another great thing about teal blue and brown bedding sets is that they are surprisingly affordable. If you want to create a focal point in your bedroom, but do not want to spend a fortune, a teal blue and brown bedding set is an excellent way to do it. You can find just about any style or color you could imagine at a reasonable price. You can accent your set with throw pillows and cushions, and really create a stunning space that is unique and welcoming to everyone in your family.

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