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Red, White and Blue Bedding is one of those that can be hard to find in retail stores when you’re shopping for it.  My experience is that if you want the right bedding set, you have to go online to find a variety to choose from.

Red, white and blue is not only for the 4th of July and other patriotic holidays, a lot of people decorate memorial rooms to U.S. soldiers using these same colors.

Personally, I think it’s a great color combination for the bedroom and that’s why I’ve created this page so that we can find some options for you if you’re like it too.  You don’t have to do a patriotic theme, there are other ways to decorate.

Red, white and blue comforter sets are nice for a boys room too.

My Favorite Red White Blue Bedding Set

This is my favorite red, white and blue bedding set because it’s quilted.  It would look great in a patriotic guest room or something with a Texas style, don’t you think?  It has a really nice quilted patchwork theme on one side and other has blue and white star.


Where Do I Buy Red White and Blue Bedding?

Amazon is by far the best place to find a quick red, white and blue bedding set if you want a lot of choices and options.

Walmart is another online choice that I like to check if I want something affordable and they have that whole ship to store thing which is awesome, right?  If you go to Walmart you will not find nearly the selection that they have online.  You can have your online order shipped to the store and pick it up at your local Walmart.

Patriotic themes are the most popular when it comes to red, white and blue.  Another look that really pairs well with red white and blue bedding is stripes or the Texas star.  A Texas theme bedroom would look really good with one of these red, white and blue bed sets.

Red White Blue Bedding Sets

I like these bedding sets because they have a very patriotic look to them.



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