15 Of The Best Rainbow Bedding Sets On Earth!


Beautiful Rainbow Bedding Sets

Rainbow colored bedding is a great way to add lots and lots of color to the bedroom.  I know my daughter is into everything rainbows and the bright cheerful colors have a dramatic effect on the personality and vibe of her bedroom.  Bright rainbow colors in the bedroom make you just feel happy and wonderful when you walk in.  If you are re-decorating a room, might I suggest one of these rainbow bedding sets?

Rainbow bedding sets really open up a space and let a little sunshine in! Girls love rainbow print bedding but its not always easy to find in regular retail stores.  You have to drive all over town to look through a few sets (and you hope they have your size).  This page has all sorts of rainbow girls bedding from different retailers so you can choose the one that suits your bedroom best.

Did You Know?

Amazon has some of the best prices and selection when it comes to rainbow bedding sets and bedroom decor.  Many of their bedding sets come with free shipping for Prime members and the customer service is always good.

Find a Rainbow Bedding Set

Click on any bedding set to see more details about the set.  Below this you will find more rainbow bedding sets that are both pleasing to the eye and bedroom design.


Rainbow Girls Bedding

This may just be the most beautiful bedding set for girls I have ever seen! No seriously, I don’t think I need to describe it when here is this picture that captures my heart! This reversible rainbow colored bedding set features brightly colored spots on one side and rainbow stripes on the other. The shams and pillows are reversible too! If I had twin daughters I would buy two! I haven’t come across a reversible this cute since the Miss Matched collection.


Rainbow Leopard Print Bedding

This is a cool rainbow bedding set for teens and tweens because its edgy and modern.  The rainbow leopard print is something that girls love and it’s easy to work with.  This rainbow leopard print bedding has a matching sheet set you can get with it.

Street Revival Rainbow Leopard Full Comforter Set, MultiStreet Revival Rainbow Leopard Full Sheet Set, Multi

Rainbow Polka Dots Girls Bedding Set

This rainbow dots bedding duvet is very unique and cheerful.  It adds so much personality to a bedroom because it’s so bright and festive.  All the different patterns put together makes for one beautiful girls rainbow bedding set, don’t you think?


Rainbow Polka Dot Bedding Set

This multicolored rainbow bedding is anything but ordinary and boring.  The brightly colored pattern is commanding in the bedroom and gives the whole room a personality of it’s own.  Bring in the best of the rainbow with this charming bedding set for girls.  It’s going to add the right touches of color to the room!


Rainbow Bed Canopy for the Bedroom

This is a good rainbow bedding set for a boys room because it’s still got a very masculine appeal to it.  The stripes are all different widths which makes the pattern really pop with rainbow colors.  This bedding set looks really good with white or light brown wood bedroom furniture.


Rainbow Quilted Chevron Bedding for a Girls Bedroom

Rainbow chevron stripes make a great look for a girls room.  It’s not traditional rainbow colors, its more of a pastel rainbow which makes it a little more jazzy and cool for a girls bedroom.  What I like about this particular bedding set is that it’s quilted style.


Rainbow Tree Bedding Set for Adults

Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean that you can’t have an elegant rainbow in the room.  This is one of the most stunning rainbow bedding sets for adults because it encompasses the brilliance of multicolored passion with nature.  If you want a rainbow colored bedding set with all the luxury and comfort you’d find in a master suite, this is it!


Rainbow Bed Canopy for the Bedroom

This rainbow curtain set is the perfect addition to a rainbow theme bedroom.  The bright colored sheer panels will make your child feel so special.  There is so much color and personality in this rainbow curtain set.  There are six different rainbow colored panels; orange, green, white, red, yellow and blue.

6 Piece Rainbow Sheer Window Panel Curtain Set Blow Out Pprice Special!!!! Lime, Orange, Red, White, Bright Yellow, Navy

Rainbow Bedroom Wall Decals

Rainbow wall decals really can add a dramatic effect to any rainbow theme bedroom. Painting clouds and a light blue sky is one way to really brighten up a rainbow room as well. Here are some of my favorite rainbow wall decals that you could use to add some rainbow color to the bedroom.


Rainbow Baby Bedding for the Nursery

One of my favorite themes for the nursery is a rainbow room theme. It’s a happy way to bring baby into the home. A room full of rainbow colors is bright, cheerful and beautiful. Here are some of my favorite baby rainbow bedding sets. Maybe you didn’t even know you wanted rainbow baby bedding until you saw it, but how could you not adore it now right? It’s the perfect nursery theme and one that not a lot of people think of.


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