Purple and Lime Green Bedding is Bright and Fabulous Color Combination!


Purple and Lime Green Bedding for Girls

purple green beddingPurple and lime green bedding is an amazing color combination for bedroom.  Lime green bedding always has a cheerful presence in the bedroom and when combined with purple, blue, pink and other bright colors, it’s fantastic.  Purple and lime green bedding is perfect for girls bedroom designs because of the happy vibe it brings.

Bedding in green and purple makes a unique statement about the individual who has it in their bedroom. It’s bold, it’s wild and yet feminine and happy.  You can add decorative throw pillows to your bedding to make it a one-of-a-kind style.

Purple and Lime Green Bedding for the Bedroom

Create a totally purple and lime green bedroom with these gorgeous bedding sets for girls Most prints and styles are available in Twin and Full sizes, although Queen and King are available in some.  I think the reason you find this color combination available in the younger sizes is because it’s a very trendy color for tweens and teenage girls.

Adding colorful accents in hot pinks and electric blues and a fun way to really add some color to the bedroom.  Bright hot colors like lime green, hot pink, electric blue and purple all blend beautifully for a whole color scheme you will love.

Purple and lime green bedding with hot pink and blue wall art, curtains, rugs and other bedroom decor will really help you create a one of a kind bedroom all your own.

Bright Colors in Bedding: Lime Green, Hot Pink, Blue and Purple

Purple, Green, Orange and White Girls BeddingReversible Solid Color Purple / Green Bedding

Purple and Lime Green Bedding for a Fresh Look!

Why not create a fresh look in the bedroom?  Purple and green may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I know for a fact that a lot of people love it – because my tween daughter has personally used it.  We even bought some pretty purple sheer curtains and lime green shag rugs for the floor to accentuate the green and purple comforter set that she picked.

If you can’t find a purple and green comforter in regular retail stores (and it will be tough, not everyone carries this awesome duo) – shop online!  Amazon has some killer selections sometimes and so does Walmart and WayFair.  You just have to look around because not everyone has it all the time.  Purple and green is for the unique individual indeed!


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