Stunning Emerald Green Bedding Sets for the Bedroom


Emerald Green Bedding Sets for the Bedroom

hunter green beddingEmerald green bedding is a brilliant color choice for any bedroom. Emerald is a shade of green that is darker and richer in tone. Emerald combines brilliantly with other colors like red, black, white and brown. Emerald is not an easy color to shop for, there are not many bedding sets that truly have the color “emerald” green in them.

This bedding featured here to the left looks as though it is an emerald green, but after reading all the reviews, it turns out it’s a much, much darker green than pictured. It’s hard to capture the true color of something in a picture without the right lighting, but if you are selling bedding, you should really do your best to try, don’t you think? I’m not sure if some companies are doing it on purpose, or truly just have the worst eye for color, perhaps the photographer was sick that day? Who knows?

Emerald Green Bedding is Hard to Find!

When shopping for a specific thing like emerald green bedding, it’s best to check places like Amazon, Walmart Anna’s Linens, JCPenny, Macy’s, perhaps even Nordstrom.  If you don’t care if the color is spot on, then shopping online will save you the gas money but not the frustration.  It’s a tough color to find bedding for!
I wanted to bring you this great blog post full of emerald green bedding but even I had a hard time finding this color, and I have a ton of online resources when it comes to bedding.  I have a few here that are emerald green, but nothing spectacular, and that’s too bad.  Hopefully someone will come out with more choices soon.  It’s a great color for 2016, we need more to choose from!

Emerson 4-Piece Pinch Pleat Puckering Comforter Mini Set , Queen, Hunter Green

This emerald green tucked bedding set has a that classy, sophisticated appeal that you expect from this shade of green.  It’s not always easy to find that perfect shade of hunter green, that’s why I love this bedding set, it’s one solid color with that pretty pinched pleat design throughout.  This emerald green comforter set would be easy to work with because of its universal design.  This particular bedding set is available in a variety of sizes as well as other color choices.  If you want that darker shade of green, this comforter set is perfect!  Included with the comforter is two pillow cases and a dust ruffle.


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