Blue Zebra Bedding – A Wild Bedroom Decor Style!


Beautiful Blue Zebra Print BeddingZebra Print Bedding Set

One of the things that I love about blue zebra print bedding is how cool the color mixes with the zebra stripe design. Whether it’s darker or lighter shades of blue, the zebra print really makes a bold and dramatic statement.  I’ve seen blue zebra bedding in two ways; with black stripes or with white stripes – both look good in my opinion so it really depends on you preference at this point.  Lighter colors tend to make a room look bright and big, which is something that I enjoy.

Finding blue zebra print bedding is not as simple as walking into Target or Walmart.  I’ve found that when I’m looking for a specific pattern and color like this, I need to shop online.  Here’s on this page I’ve gathered the top styles in blue zebra print bedding from some of the best online retailers in bedding.  Wayfair, Amazon and Walmart are just some of the places you can buy your blue animal print bedding sets.

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Blue Zebra Stripe Comforter Set

This quick and easy blue stripe zebra bedding is perfect for anyone who wants something affordable and simple. The blue and black stripes really compliment one another in this set. This particular blue zebra print bedding set is available in twin size. This twin size blue zebra bedding set comes with the comforter and two matching pillow shams.

blue zebra bedding sets

Turquoise Blue Zebra Bedding Set

This turquoise zebra bedding is perfect for redecorating a teen or tween bedroom.  With colors like blue and white – it’s nice to mix it up and add some solid prints to the mix.  This set here has a pretty mix of turquoise and white, it would be very easy to work in solid colors with this set.  White is an inexpensive color to find and decorate with, from curtains, rugs, sheets and more.

turquoise and white zebra bedding set

Turquoise and White Zebra Bedding Set

You can easily change the look and design of the teens bedroom with its blue zebra bedding.  A blue zebra comforter has the ability to change the entire look of a bedroom and create a whole new experience. This set here from JoJo Designs is very popular because there are a lot of matching accessories to choose from when decorating. Available in Queen size and Twin size sets.

blue white black Jo Jo Designs comforter set queen size

Blue Zebra Print Comforter Sets

This style and color scheme is very rock n’ roll meets wild kingdom.  There’s a lot you can do with the colors blue, black and white in a bedroom.  To keep things affordable, instead of buying matching curtains, sheets and other accessories, I will purchase a solid color instead.   The thing about blue zebra print is that you can over do it.  It’s best to offset the wild animal comforter set with some solid colors and maybe even some other patterns like leopard spots?

zebra print comforter sets

Not a Blue Zebra Comforter! But Cool!

This comforter is not exactly blue zebra print but it is along the same lines and I thought it was worth featuring here because of the modern style it has. So don’t shoot me, I do know a zebra from a leopard, although leopard and cheetah are kind of hard to tell apart.

blue animal print bedding

Blue and Zebra Together at Last!

This super stylish blue zebra comforter features a modern design for a low price. This zebra comforter comes in a twin and full/queen size set. It’s nice to have options that mix up the design patterns. Instead of all zebra print, this one adds a mix of solid color and I love that.  This set is available in two size options, twin and full/queen.

blue zebra comforter set

Not Your Momma’s Zebra Print Bedding!

Okay, again, not blue zebra bedding but dang! Look at it! I want to start decorating right now with this. I love the bright colors and the shiny look to the comforter, don’t you!? Available in twin and full/queen size!

blue gray bedding


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